BRINK Institute is dedicated to being a force for the acceleration of knowledge, collaboration and social awareness by fostering the convergence of technology, innovation, imagination, ethics, dialogue, design and creativity.

What is BRINK?

BRINK Institute was created to foster and facilitate curated conversations with the makers, doers & disrupters who are shaping our future, and to encourage and support the forward momentum of initiatives that benefit not just members of the BRINK community, but the community, our species and the planet as a whole.

Advanced by the ever-increasing acceleration of knowledge, invention and technology creations, there are those who believe that we will reach the full emergence of the technological and cultural singularity – technological change so rapid and profound that it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history – by the middle of this century. Today we find ourselves enveloped by exponentially exploding technologies, individual and communal connectivity that is unparalleled in history, expanding geographic and astronomic frontiers, environmental changes that increase in velocity every year, and the creation, storage, analysis and exploitation of data in volumes never before even imagines. We are living through the most profound global paradigm shift humanity has seen in recorded history.

The tools we create today, the applications we develop and the intelligence we invent are literally the building blocks of tomorrow. What kind of future will we create? And will we create it thoughtfully, intentionally and mindfully or will we defer to create by default?

BRINK Institute endeavours to examine emerging technology and its creators/inventors/pioneers on a global scale and to explore the promise and peril of these advances and their impact on humanity in an attitude of open-source and open-mindedness in order to know more and to in turn better our collective future.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs

SXSW 2016 Salon

BRINK Institute

BRINK Institute 
is dedicated to the idea that collaboration, contribution and commitment spark creative opportunities in unlimited and unpredictable ways.

Consisting of four major platform elements, beginning with our core membership community and encompassing focused Summits, exploratory Salons, news and research resources and exciting initiatives to support innovative new projects, BRINK facilitates interaction between innovators, researchers, technologists, venture capitalists, press and influencers.

Participating in special events facilitating access, dialogue, and action within the wide ranging tech arena, the BRINK community is an evolving tribute to the positive effects of courageous collaboration.

BRINK Exponential Science & Technology Incubator

THE BRINK Exponential Science & Technology Incubator
 aims to foster emerging technology being developed by both startups and established innovators working towards new and exciting applications for addressing the greatest challenges of our day, bettering humanity and evolving us as a species.

Corporate mentors, venture capitalists, press specialists and private investors evaluate promising new projects and provide advice, resources, funding, collaborative opportunities and access to a global network.

SXSW 2016 Salon

BRINK Community

Membership in BRINK Institute
is an open door to making a difference in the world today and the future we leave to generations to come.It means refusing to accept a ‘default’ future – accepting the challenge to share your voice, raise your questions, challenge the status quo and have an IMPACT on the legacy you leave to us as a people and as a species.

BRINK’S unique synergistic approach brings you unprecedented access, omnidirectional conversations, and tangible opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Decide to be part of this exciting opportunity for learning, collaboration, business expansion and more, and find your life enriched, your business growing and your mind expanded by the experience.

BRINK Global Media

BRINK Global Media
, our future-focused online media and news platform provides a broad overview of the medical, health, longevity, biotech and cognitive therapeutics verticals within the arena of emerging technology.

Offering a summary of the aggregated content, original scientific and editorial works from within the BRINK Community, and multi-media resources including virtual and augmented reality content, video and podcasts, all geared towards providing information, analysis and opinion on issues and innovations in the longevity arena.

Why Should You Be Part of BRINK? If you are active in the longevity, anti-aging or futurist arenas, whether as a developer  of new technology, a researcher dedicated to finding new solutions to today’s problems or building sustainability into existing successful technologies and industries, or a student, consumer, end user or simply a citizen of the planet, you’ll find important information, amazing opportunities, and like-minded people determined to be aware of and to influence those aspects of our future that matter most to each.

BRINK events provide a means to open doors, nurture relationships, spark innovation and creative partnerships and find resources and support for ongoing or start up work being done by all manner of professionals and students in the most complete variety of life extension verticals, all in an open and synergistic environment.

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Contact Us

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