"Like many of us, I've been to numerous conferences, conventions, trade shows, etc. Most of what happened at them has faded away. Not so with Brink. Brink is, quite simply, far and away the most important such event I've ever been to."

  -  Paul Hynek, Co-Founder Giant Studios, Avatron Smart Park

The mission of BRINK Institute is to act as a force for the acceleration of knowledge, collaboration and social awareness by fostering the convergence of technology, innovation, imagination, ethics, dialogue, design and creativity. To that end, we are developing a multi-faceted platform to foster open dialogue, courageous collaboration and formidable action within the arenas of technology, science and design.

BRINK Global Online offers a summary of aggregated content from global news services, governmental agencies, scientific trade organizations and associations, original scientific and editorial works from within the BRINK Community, and multi-media resources including virtual and augmented reality content, video and podcasts.

This online news hub is a major piece of the BRINK vision. By bringing together reputable mainstream news, interesting and intriguing work from our speakers, delegates and members, and fun and in depth features that illustrate the potential of technology to affect our lives and world, we hope to reinforce our mission to accelerate that which is brightest and best about our work as individuals to move humanity forward in our universe.

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