“Brink curates cutting-edge conversations about our future – of health, technology, education – and these conversations continue long after the event itself. It’s a great place to learn about what’s next, share what your working on, and crack tough problems. I’ve found Brink invaluable personally for extending my network and allowing me to engage in conversations about topics I am passionate about.”

 – Stephanie Wander, XPRIZE

YOU’RE INVITED to join world-renowned innovators, mavericks, and visionaries in BRINK Institute, rubbing elbows with world-class experts and practitioners in technology, medicine, science, entertainment, design and engineering, along with top decision makers from global business, investment, and media communities to creatively collaborate on the greatest challenges to face humanity in history.


What does membership in BRINK Institute mean?


Membership in BRINK Institute is an open door to making a difference in the world today and the future we leave to generations to come. Being part of BRINK means refusing to accept a ‘default’ future – accepting the challenge to share your voice, raise your questions, challenge the status quo and have an IMPACT on the legacy you leave to us as a people and as a species.

BRINK’S unique synergistic approach brings you unprecedented access, omnidirectional conversations, and tangible opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration. Decide to be part of this exciting opportunity for learning, collaboration, business expansion and more, and find your life enriched, your business growing and your mind expanded by the experience.

Membership in BRINK Institute is curated, so we’ll ask you to look over the three individual Membership Levels below to determine which is the best fit for you. Once you are ready to apply for membership, we’ll direct you to complete the Membership application, after which your application will be processed and we’ll respond to you within five business days.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world.

Indeed it is the only thing that ever has

Margaret Mead

BRINK Institute Premium Membership


Accelerate your business and your network with PREMIUM membership in BRINK Institute. Unlock the possibilities with Premium-level access to the BRINK community including the member directory, powerful online collaboration tools, and exclusive member-only events. Enjoy exceptional discounts on BRINK global events—summits, salons and conferences with powerful Premium benefits including, private networking functions and unprecedented access to BRINK community partners.

BRINK Institute’s Individual Premium Annual Membership includes:

Discounts on BRINK Summit Badges
Twelve Month Subscription to BRINK Report Digital Weekly Newsletter
Access to All BRINK Members-Only Events
Access to the BRINK Institute Members Directory and Online Community
Access to All Members-Only Online Colabs, BRINK Summits and Salons (some at discounted prices)
€6599.00 / $7525 Annual

BRINK Institute Corporate Membership


Enjoy exceptional rewards and powerful benefits at the enterprise level with a CORPORATE membership in BRINK Institute.

Positioning your business as a leader today means more than great sales or having an innovative product – the world today is about IMPACT. Impact, not just in your field, but in a community and on a global stage, is the key to a better corporate culture as well as a better world.

By becoming a Corporate Partner in BRINK Institute, you open your business to a world of support, mentorship, collaboration, insight and innovation within a community that values relationships, thrives on creative thinking and rolls up its sleeves to make a difference to the members of the BRINK community and to the world. You’ll see your business and your world through new eyes as you meet and get to know leaders in technology from all over the world, and you’ll find inspiration in the most unexpected encounters.

On the solid business side, your company will get actionable intelligence on emerging technology trends with members-only BRINK Reports on coming trends, collaborate with community partners in person and online with powerful collaboration tools, and have access to the full BRINK database of members, influencers, press, funding resources and innovators in every field.

BRINK Institute’s Corporate Annual Membership includes:

Discounts on BRINK Summit Badges for One Year
Discount Badges to BRINK Summits or Salons for up to 3 Additional Employees for One Year
Twelve Month Subscription to BRINK Report Digital Weekly Newsletter customized for your company, sent to any number of employees you request
Access to All Special BRINK Members-Only Events
Access to the BRINK Institute Members Directory and Online Community
Access to All Members-Only Online Colabs, BRINK Summits and Salons
€9599.00 / $10850 Annual

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Contact Us

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